Fine Arts

As we intentionally set out to cultivate a school culture that loves the true, good and beautiful, the arts awaken our hearts to wonder and imagination and inspire us to create as God designed us to do and enjoy his unlimited goodness.

The Fine Arts are interwoven and experienced in concert with the historical time periods that are explored school-wide. Whether that be through music, art, theater, all are embraced and celebrated as an intrinsic reflection of the character of God.


Art education at Valor begins with the concept of God as the Master Artist.  Since we are made in the image of the creator God (Gen. 1:26-27), we believe all people have an innate creative capacity. Once-a-week, formal art classes begin in kindergarten and extend through 8th grade. Students learn the elements of art and principles of design as well as classical drawing methods. A variety of mediums are incorporated into the learning experience such as painting, sculpting, weaving, and printmaking. The students will also spend time studying great works of art by past masters. Beginning in 9th grade, Rhetoric School students have the option to continue to develop their artistic skills and knowledge through upper-level elective art courses.


God’s Word exhorts us to lift our voices in celebratory praise, bow our hearts in reverential worship, and express our faith through skillful singing and playing of instruments. At Valor, we seek to equip students not only with the skills to make music for the glory of God, but also an abiding love and appreciation for music as one of God’s great gifts to us! All students Pre K through 8th grade attend a weekly music class where they are engaged in active listening activities, movement, music theory, music history, singing, and playing instruments. 

Using proven methods of pedagogy, we seek to give each student a strong foundation in music so students can build upon it for years to come. This begins with discriminate listening and response to music, continues with replication of increasingly difficult musical patterns, and ends with a functional knowledge of music notation and confidence in performance. Our students are exposed to the traditional and classical music of our heritage, including folk songs of Western culture, hymns of the Christian heritage, and masterpieces of the great composers from the four predominant periods of the arts: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. 


Theater Arts are offered from 9th-12th grade, giving students the opportunity to grow in their on-stage performance skills as well as their understanding and appreciation of acting. During their course of study, students will develop their vocalization, characterization, blocking, articulation & projection, with each course culminating in a school-wide stage performance. Students will have the opportunity to gain stage experience, as well as, help with production elements of the shows.

Mrs. Sherrae Cornett

Director of Family Ministries
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Mrs. Valerie Kocel

Upper School Music Specialist
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Mrs. Jennifer Rucker

Grammar School Music Specialist
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