Mrs. Kaylee Jo Davis

Rhetoric School Art Teacher

Kaylee Jo Davis is the rhetoric school art teacher at Valor. She is also the Fine Arts Director for all rhetoric school events. She received her BFA in Art Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. This is her 7th year in the classroom and her 1st year at Valor. With multiple art teachers throughout middle school and high school pouring in extra challenging ideas, she pursued art as her career and started giving back to future generations. She has taught in both private and public school settings along with private art lessons and camps in her free time. Mrs. Davis loves Valor's community and is committed to furthering God's Kingdom and helping kids find beauty in the world around them. One of her favorite things about art at the high school level is getting to know students on a deeper level and helping them find their voice and who they are in society.

Kaylee Jo and Luke have been married for almost 6 years with a 1 year old son, Everett. They are currently working on adopting older children. She loves to hike, make art, read books, and play board games in her free time. One of her goals is to visit every national park in the USA. A random, fun fact is that she rode her horse to elementary school in Indiana whenever possible.