Our Commitment to Stewardship

Valor would not exist without the generous donations from families who believe in the school and its mission. Tuition covers operating expenses which is everything that falls into the annual budget. Because we want to build a sustainable school with room to grow, we are committed to stewarding our resources well and wisely. We factor all operating expenses into tuition so that all money donated can go toward special projects that enhance the vision of our school.

Phase 1 of Campus Vision Project100%
Phase 2 of Campus Vision Project40%

Armor Up Video Update

Armor Up Fund

Valor’s Armor Up Fund will help us support the rapid growth of the school. We will use funds exclusively for special initiatives in our strategic plan. Funds will not be used to cover operating expenses. Please consider making a yearly donation to our Armor Up Fund. Our goal is 100% participation among our families!

Campus Vision

As our school grows, we don’t just desire to have a campus that fits our student body, but one that fulfills our mission of showcasing the good, true and beautiful on our campus. By partnering with our campus vision project through the Armor Up Fund and Bless our School Campaign, you’re directly contributing to making our campus sustainable for the growth we’re experiencing and a beautiful place for students to learn.