Family Ministries

We invite you to be a part of this area of service and celebration as we connect, care, celebrate and equip.

The Valor Family Ministries department is a cornerstone of our community designed to support you as you navigate the joys and challenges of teaching and parenting in the context of a University-Model education. Recognizing the pivotal role parents play in the discipleship and formation of their children, we are committed to partnering with you throughout your family’s educational journey at Valor.

Vision: Family Ministries serves as a central hub for information, support, and community-building. We aim to:

Strengthen Community: Facilitate avenues for families to connect, serve, and pray together.

Offer Support: Provide practical assistance for home days and other unique aspects of our educational model.

Spiritual Enrichment: Create a safe space for parents to explore God’s role in their families, thereby nurturing a community rooted in faith and love.

Encourage Service: As followers of Christ, we are called to give joyfully of our time and resources. Family Ministries offers tangible opportunities for parents to serve within our school community.

We warmly invite you to participate in our Traditions and Celebrations throughout the academic year. These events serve as milestones that enrich our collective experience and deepen our sense of community.

Join us in fostering a school environment where faith, love, and education coalesce to form a strong foundation for our children’s futures.

Committees and Traditions

We have a Valor tradition of ending the year by popping balloons that include exciting activities in them for the students. We will need a few volunteers to help pull off some fun surprises the last couple of weeks of school.
These great people will help plan and facilitate selling old books and Land’s End uniforms at the end of the year!
These amazing parents will be the touch point for any needs that arise in the Valor family. They will communicate to the school and organize any meals or responses to practicals as needed. The class will serve as the main community for support (ie. meals for families, etc.) while larger needs may be brought to Mrs. Cornett to coordinate campus support.
This crew will plan and facilitate the annual tradition of Christmas at Valor. It’s a fun afternoon of drinking hot chocolate, eating candy canes, and decorating the school for Christmas. If you love Christmas, this is the committee for you!
This awesome team of people will help prepare for and execute Dia del knights on the last day of school!
This wonderful team will help execute decor, refreshments, and set up/tear down for Grandparents’ Day in April!
These parents plan and coordinate Valor’s participation in the Baylor Homecoming Parade in the Fall. They organize candy, the float, and participants!
Once a week volunteers who help complete various tasks in the grammar school library, from scanning and reshelving. We are hoping for help on Fridays for a few hours.
This group of parents will serve periodically on Monday, Wednesday or Friday during grammar lunch. From 11:00-12:00 M/W and 11:00-1:00 pm on Fridays to help give extra hands in the cafeteria during a busy time.
This group of parents will meet up with a fellow prayer committee buddy at Valor and pray for our school, teachers, students, and other parents once a month for 30 minutes.
This person will facilitate parent involvement and delegate classroom responsibilities. The administrator will periodically check with the teacher to ask whether he/she needs anything, so they may inform the class parents and solicit support as needed. Your main tasks will include: Remind party volunteers to bring their designated items on party day (Christmas & Valentine’s). Connect with the teacher regarding personal and class prayer requests, and communicate these with parents via GroupMe. Facilitate group teacher gifts (if desired by class) birthday. Logic Admins will coordinate a celebration for Class Shepherds and share teachers’ favorites. At Christmas families are encouraged to give to the Bless the Teacher Fund which benefits the teacher and staff directly. Help generate support or interest in parent group efforts, as needed.
This incredible crew will coordinate teacher and staff appreciation efforts at Valor, which will be 4 times during the year. This group will work closely with Mrs. Cornett to plan events to celebrate our amazing teachers and staff members. They may decide to host a breakfast, take teachers their favorite drinks or snacks, etc. Valor Teacher appreciation week is scheduled for the last full week in April.
One person from each grade sets up a shared electronic photo album with the other parents in the grade to gather photos of the students throughout the year.