Mrs. Susie Pigg

Kindergarten Aide

Susie writes, "My husband Nate and I are originally from the Chicagoland area, but I was born in El Paso, so my husband likes to joke that I have "Texas citizenship". Nate and I lived in Washington D.C. for about eight years, while he worked for the Federal Government and retired from the Army Reserves. I worked primarily in Social Work as the Director of a Domestic and Sexual Violence Shelter. During those years, my husband and I walked through a difficult season of infertility, but the Lord used that to draw us ever closer to His heart and His plan for us and our family. He called us to Texas in 2016, and our twin double blessings, Luke and Claire, arrived in 2017.

We are thrilled to be at Valor together this year with the twins in Kindergarten while I am happily working as a Teacher's Aide in 1st grade. We have loved the gentleness and beauty of our homedays together and the fun and depth of time in community at school. Our family loves quality time together: heading to the library, Friday night movie night, playing board games, going to different church groups, and lots of time playing and exploring outside: oh, the wonder of His Creation! I love to read and have started a local book club that meets once a month and I also enjoy cooking and love sharing recipes with friends. "