Ms. Sharon Menn


My teaching career began in 1973 and I retired in 2012! I loved teaching in the young grades all of my years were in 1st, K and PreK. I am a fully certified PreK-8th. My additional certification s are Early Childhood Education, ESL and Gifted and Talented Education. I got halfway through 2 different Masters programs but never finished because family has always come first for me.

I have never really stopped teaching because I have been a substitute teacher since 2012 and a substitute home school teacher for my grandchildren.
I moved to Waco from Austin to bigger part of the "Grandkids" lives. I'm so happy for all the things I have not missed out on! If you hear anyone call me "MIMI" you'll know that's my favorite title!

I love being at Valor and the atmosphere here is amazing. There is such a strong connection between learning/family/faith it makes me joyful each day I'm at Valor.