Mrs. Kristi Meldrum

Learning & Accommodations Coordinator

Kristi Meldrum began teaching at Valor in 2021 and became the Accommodations Coordinator in 2022. She graduated from Asbury University with a bachelor’s in Elementary Education. While living with her family in Iraq, she homeschooled her own three children for 12 years. Along that journey, she discovered that her youngest son is dyslexic. She began taking courses to help mediate his learning and ended up with her Masters of Education with an emphasis in Educational Therapy from Regent University in 2018. Her three children are now all at different universities. She loves being a resource to families, students, and teachers to help bring awareness to the fact that learning difficulties have no bearing on intelligence, but rather are a different and often creative way of thinking. Kristi has been married to Tim since 2000. They enjoy hiking, paddling, and traveling together.