Mrs. Allie Osborn

9th Grade, Rhetoric I/II & AP Language

Allie Osborn enjoys teaching 9th grade Literature, Rhetoric I/II and AP Language in the Rhetoric school. Expect her to show you videos of her curly-headed 4 year old and go on a rant about how you should read Tolstoy. Allie loves working at Valor because of the culture of lifelong learning, academic rigor and shared sincere Christian worldview. She graduated from Baylor University with a BA in English and is currently working toward her MA in Humanities and Classical Education at the University of Dallas. Her husband, Drake, is the teaching pastor at Grace Church. Together, they read classic literature, hike, write poetry, create graphic designs and play board games (Drake is the strategist while Allie is the enthusiast). Allie was raised in southern Louisiana, but has lived in Illinois, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Missouri, and, obviously, Texas.