About Valor:

Valor Preparatory Academy is a Christian, classical, University-Model School, serving Pre-K through 10th grade students and their families.


At Valor, the call of Jesus Christ to “Come, follow me” is more than just a story in the Bible. It is a personal invitation that Valor families are encouraged to respond to in faith on a daily basis. Valor’s aim is to develop passionate disciples of Jesus who are trained to think and empowered to serve God and others.

Because God created, sustains and will consummate all things through His Son, Jesus Christ, we believe that facts, whether mathematical, historical, scientific, or otherwise, can only represent truth if they are taught in the context of a Christian worldview. This belief will permeate our goals and objectives, our teaching methods and our curriculum.


The classical method of education is a three-stage approach to instruction with the goal of producing graduates who have mastered the art of learning so that they may skillfully acquire and apply knowledge, reason critically, and articulate persuasively.

Sometimes referred to as the Trivium (Latin for “three roads”), this approach consists of the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages Each stage builds upon its predecessor. Basic factual content and rules – the “grammar” – of any given subject must first be mastered; then an understanding of how to apply the facts – the “logic” – must be discerned; and finally, the ability to synthesize the foregoing into an articulate argument – the “rhetoric” – must be developed. The Biblical equivalent to this progression is found in the admonition to pursue knowledge, understanding and wisdom (Proverbs, especially Proverbs 2 and Proverbs 24:3-4).

Classical education organizes learning around the maturing capacity of the child’s mind. The curricular emphasis during the grammar school years is on learning basic facts and figures during the time when children love to memorize (and when they are best at doing so). The subsequent emphasis during the middle school years on logic and analysis trains students to think critically and deeply about subjects, both academic and otherwise. This emphasis corresponds with the middle-school student’s bent toward exploration, questioning, and a desire for deeper understanding. Finally, the emphasis during the high school years shifts toward honing rhetorical skills, including writing. This shift prepares students to write college-level thesis, utilizing their grasp of proper grammar as well their ability to think logically and critically. The structure of the Trivium recognizes that though there is much overlap, an ideal time and place exists for each part of learning: memorization, argumentation, and self-expression.


At Valor we affirm that parents are a child’s first and best teachers. Parents are the single most influential factor in a child’s educational performance, as well as the emotional, social and spiritual development of that child. Therefore, Valor seeks to assist parents in their God-given task to train their children in mind, body, and spirit (Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6:4). By providing time, flexibility, and academic expertise, we promote a partnership that enables parents to adequately fulfill the Lord’s commands for the education and training of children for His glory. Valor provides a support structure for parents through leadership and character development programs, as well as through seminars for parents to deepen their own understanding of academic subjects, classical texts, and the way in which faith shapes their worldview.