The Valor Story

The Beginning

The vision for Valor was sparked in our founder, Marci Hartsock, as she learned about University Model Schools™ from her family in Oklahoma. She was intrigued by the classical education her nieces and nephews were receiving and how they were stirred to a fresh love for learning. In her interest to discover more, she visited other private christian schools and was inspired by the spiritual climate she observed among many of them. She and her husband, Blake, spent many months praying over the idea of starting a school in Waco. Marci eventually initiated with other like minded families and friends to see who would be interested in joining her on the journey of bringing a University Model School™ to Waco that not only offered an excellent education but also raised children up to be disciples and followers of Jesus that impacted the culture around them.

The Building Blocks

Out of this group of friends, the founding families of Valor were formed. These families spent the first two years of their formation researching and visiting other schools and dreaming of what they would want Valor to one day become. In addition to an exceptional education and a passion for children to follow Jesus wholeheartedly, a driving desire behind these families was more time with their kids. The idea of a University Model School™ was attractive because it offered more time back to families to invest in their children and be involved in their education without having to be the sole instructor. Prior to opening the school, the founding families took a year to pilot the University Model™ with their own children. They hired a teacher and an assistant to test the model that would soon become the prototype for Valor.

Officially Open

Valor officially opened in the fall of 2014, with three teachers and 24 students, renting space at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. The women of the founding families with Lauren Allbritton as the head teacher on campus, shared the responsibility of leading the school for the first two years. Valor quickly grew and relocated to Victorious Christian Life church in 2016, when Jared Nazarian was hired as the headmaster. Mr. Nazarian was instantly loved by the growing staff and student body and spent countless lunch periods outside with the kids playing football and basketball!

Finally Home

The current campus on Sanger Avenue was purchased and partially renovated the following summer in 2017, with the contributions of generous donors. With over 150 students by the fourth year, the Valor family eagerly moved into their permanent home. The teachers were thrilled to finally have their own classrooms and the students loved having lockers and a cafeteria to enjoy lunches together.

Continued Growth

To this day, the Valor family continues to grow and the campus continues to expand. God has brought devoted families, lively children and exceptional staff & faculty to advance His kingdom through Valor. As the founding families had dreamed and planned, Valor has become an extraordinary school where children are discipled and flourish in their personal walk with Jesus and cultivate a love for the true, good and beautiful and are equipped to courageously influence the culture for the glory of God.

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