Our goal at Valor is to assemble a curriculum that is dynamic, engaging, and effective. Guided by a classical philosophy, we have a very literature-rich curriculum that challenges students and exposes them to the truth, goodness, and beauty in who God is and what He has made.

We strive to train students how to think critically and discipline their minds to be able to engage with big ideas and ultimately contribute to the “great conversation” that will shape and influence culture for the glory of God.

Our teachers expertly implement the formal curriculum, but they also have the freedom to add to and expand it through their own creativity. Each class has the flexibility to meet those particular students where they are and help them grow and succeed as life-long learners. We have outlined the specific curriculum choices we have made (click here to view) but it is a small piece of the conversations, songs, questioning, hands-on learning, and revelation that comes through the process of education.


Thank you for your interest in Valor. If you have further questions or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.